NASB Formula USA
Daytona Notes & Quotes

March 2, 1997


THOMAS WILSON (No. 30 Zippo Harley-Davidson 1000) --
(Fell in first round qualifying Saturday that resulted in a broken right collarbone, which caused him to scratch from the Formula USA races.) Wilson told Art Gompper of the Harley-Davidson Racing Team, "Don't count me out. I've broken my collarbone before and raced one week later. I was 10th in last year's 200. I'm looking to better that." Gompper said Wilson's would be evaluated daily to determine his availability for activities leading up to the 56th Daytona 200 By Arai, which begin with practice on Wednesday, March 5.


DOUG CHANDLER (No. 11 Muzzy's Kawasaki 850) --
"The guys have really got the bike running good. It seems to have come together for us on race day. We put our head down and cut some good laps. The same thing happened last year (sweeping two March Formula USA races). We can't complain. It's a good way to start off the season. We're always trying to improve and make the bike better. We never back off -- we just run it as hard as we can and see if we can find any more problems, work them out and make it better. So far the thing's been going real good."

CHRIS CARR (No. 12 Zippo Harley-Davidson 1000) --
"I had a great battle with Sadowski and Batey early. There was just no touching Doug today. He was on a mission and on a bullet. I didn't even think once about trying to stay with him. He was on a different level than I was today. I'm proud to put the Zippo Harley-Davidson VR-1000 in Victory Circle for the first time at a professional race. The guys have worked awful hard on the bike for the last seven years and I'm glad I could be a part of it."

DAVID SADOWSKI (No. 25 Team LaBelle Honda 900) --
"I heard the Raptor coming -- it's got that unique exhaust note -- I went Man, I know I got to let Dougie go cause he can do (one minute) 51s here.' I just tried to stay with him but the bike's a rocketship. The Raptor's really something else! It impressed me today. With our stuff, we were just down a little bit but this is a good start to the season. We were outside the top five last year so I'm real surprised to be in Victory Circle. We're looking forward to getting to another race track just for the fact that our bike works better at a road course-type race track and not a speedway oval. It may have appeared we were cruising in the middle but I'll tell you -- Chris Carr was really setting the pace. There was no getting around him."


DOUG CHANDLER (No. 11 Muzzy's Kawasaki 850) --
"It just really feels good. You come up here and hope to do your best. To walk away with two wins makes you even more pumped up for next week and the Daytona 200. You're mostly looking for consistency in your lap times. You just want to be able to keep improving and we were able to do that. My last lap was my fastest. The first race was the most laps we'd done in succession with this engine.The two races were more than the total number of laps we'd done up until now."

ROB MUZZY (Team owner No. 11 Muzzy's Kawasaki 850) --
"Anyone who wants to buy one can go to their Kawasaki Raptor dealer. The base Formula USA machine is $25,000. The one Doug's riding with the single-sided swing arm and the Ohlin's front forks is up to $34,000. I think it's a great price!"

CHRIS CARR (No. 12 Zippo Harley-Davidson 1000) --
"I've been working hard at being a top level road racer. I have to tip my hat to Formula USA and Sunoco for having a great series. I learned a lot in the last four days and hope I can put the VR on the podium again next week in the Daytona 200. The VR with the hole shot! What do you think of that? I had been crying about not being able to get off the line and we come to the track with the tallest gearing and get away first. Go figure. That proves the guys have done their homework with the transmission. Doug (Chandler) gave me the line in turn one and I appreciate that."

FRITZ KLING (No. 2 Dutchman Racing Yamaha 1000) --
"I was looking at him (second place Chris Carr) and thought I had a chance to catch him. I was focused forward. I only looked back once in the chicane to see how hard I had to push on the last lap. I ran off the track once in turn one. I missed my brake lever -- ooops! It gets us pumped up to be in a class with these guys. I'm happy for the team because we worked hard to get here."


IN POST-QUALIFYING tech inspection, the bikes of fast qualifier Ben Bostrom (No. 111 Zero Gravity Honda 600) and 3rd qualifier Matt Wait (No. 195 Barnett Racing Honda 600) were found to be under the class 395-pound weight limit. Therefore, they were disqualified. In addition, 11th qualifier Martin Johansson (No. 26 Alfredsson's Offset Honda 600) was moved to the back of the starting grid for not using the required Sunoco fuel. After checking the time sheets from qualifying, defending Series champion Ruben Frankenfield (No. 1 Valvoline Suzuki 600) was moved to the fifth position on the outside of the front row of the grid. Matthew Winnacker (No. 91 Kawasaki of Missouri Ducati 916) was moved to the 10th position on the outside of the five-bike second row.


ERIC WOOD (No. 7 Penguin Racing School Kawasaki 600) --
"When you look at the two guys standing next to me and realize they're world class riders -- I couldn't be happier! (On low line in the east banking.) I thought about it and realized there was a big freight train, but the distance around the bottom end of the speedway is less than the distance around the top. I figured I'd see if I could make it work. I tried to stay down there and if anyone dropped down I'd hook into their draft. In the meantime I'd pick off a couple guys. (On swerving line off turn four on the last lap.) I saw Dave Sadowski shoot out of the chicane. I thought, Oh man, that bike's fast!' I just put my head down and figured the only thing to do was go where no one would follow me in the draft. I figured I'd go down pit lane and nobody would follow me, and it worked!"

DOUG TOLAND (No. 30 Erion Racing Honda 600) --
"I almost made it (to first with a drive down the apron). I tried real hard but I don't think there was any catching him. As everyone saw --a lot can happen in one lap! I looked back one time and there was a string of bikes as far as I could see. I looked back in NASCAR turn four and they all went by me. I knew I was in trouble then and that I'd have to ride hard to pull it out."

ANDREW STROUD (No. 130 Erion Racing Honda 600) --
"It really was anyone's race -- it just depended on what position you were in on the last lap. Doug (Toland) came flying past me at the end, so I figure he got a good tow. Being in front coming out of the chicane on the last lap was not the place to be. I got caught out by some lapped riders and lost my drive. Anyways, it was a good time to set up the bike for the AMA race (Pro Honda Oils 600cc SuperSport International Challenge scheduled for Sunday morning, March 9). It was a good time. I saw a few riders bumping into each other but I didn't have any close moments. The Erion 600 really goes strong."


FIFTH PLACE finisher Ray Yoder Jr. (No. 52 4&6 Racing Kawasaki 600) was found to be using an illegal fuel -- not one of the two approved Sunoco race fuels -- in post-race tech. Per standard NASB policy he was docked his points and purse awards but maintained his finishing position.


ERIC BOSTROM (No. 20 Miller Electrical Construction H-D 883) --
"The Miller Electric bike was real fast and the Dunlop 591s were hooked-up all the way around the race track. (With such a big lead.) You start shifting the bike smoother and thinking about things a little bit more. It's great. I was happy to be within a second of our (record-setting) qualifying time. We hope we can do the same thing next week (in the Progressive Insurance Harley-Davidson SuperTwins event on Sunday, March 9)."

JAKE ZEMKE (No. 94 Bartels' H-D 883) --
"We had a bit of hard luck in the Buell class but came back and put it on the podium so we're happy. I lost Eric's (Bostrom) draft on the first lap and they had the draft on me so I had to work hard to lose them. I came from a dirt track background so sliding the bike is a lot of fun for me. I'm adjusting to it real well."

GREG HUTCHESON (No. 56 Kersting's Cycle Center H-D 883) --
"It was like I was getting closer, then each time I closed up I'd lose a little bit. At the start it seemed like the tires were a bit cold and everybody was loose, but the Dunlops came in and worked good for me."


SECOND PLACE finisher Jake Zemke (No. 94 Bartels' H-D 883) was found to have 67 horsepower on the Dynojet dynomometer in post-race tech, two over the class standard of 65. Per standard NASB policy he was docked his points and purse awards but maintained his finishing position.


ERIK BUELL (Founder of Buell American Motorcycles) --
"I love still being involved in motorcycle sport. My heart gets pounding just like it used to do when the one minute sign went up (Buell is a former motorcycle racer). We're growing fast and we're having a good time trying to bring some fun to a lot of people."

SHAWN HIGBEE (No. 3 Motorcycle Online Buell 1200) --
"After not making it onto the podium last year (while riding Fast By Ferracci Superbikes) it's great to be back as No. 1. I figured it would be Eric (Bostrom) and I out front and we'd probably have to dice it out. I guess Eric had a problem on his bike. I had a good race and it was comfortable. I still have to learn how to ride this bike because this was my first time on it. I was using the race to learn as I went. It's a fun bike to ride -- the Buell's awesome!"

SHAWN CONRAD (No. 12 HMC Hansen Rcg Buell 1200) --
"I really had to ride to get through all that traffic after starting on the back row. It was real exciting. The bike worked great and the Bridgestone tires hooked-up excellent. This is our first actual Buell race so it's great to be on the podium. I managed to pass Graeff on the banking. I was able to hold enough of an advantage in the infield so that the next time I got out on the banking I was able to pull away without him drafting past. These Buells are real exciting and fun to ride."

TODD EVANS (No. 22 Hal's H-D/Buell Buell 1200) --
"We blew up the engine in qualifying this morning so we had to rebuild the engine. Then we had to start in the third row but it all worked out pretty good. The last lap was all pretty much strategy. I've been here before. You don't want to lead coming out of that last corner (chicane) towards the finish line. You've got to be behind them, otherwise they're gonna come right by you. That's what I did. I just planned it right."


FIFTH PLACE finisher Jody Hendley (No. 15 Bartels' H-D Buell 1200) was under the class minimum weight of 395 pounds in post-race tech. Per standard NASB policy he was docked his points and purse awards but maintained his finishing position.


MASAHIRO IIZUKA (No. 1 Silverman Museum Honda 125) --
"My bike was very strong because our tuner makes a very good motor. We had a new airbox from Japan that helped. The suspension, with a Penske shock, was good. Everything worked good. I think I feel very comfortable with this new team. There's no pressure and I enjoy it."

ROLAND SANDS (No. 90 Honda 125) --
"Whoooo! That was some of the best racing I've ever had -- it was insane! We were three abreast in the banking all the time and that was weird. If there was an inch on the outside somebody was going by somebody. Man it was insane! Performance Machine did a good job on the bike. We didn't do well in qualifying but the guys did a lot of work on the bike and the thing just ripped. (On close racing.) That's the way 125 racing is. It's the best, the closest, the diciest -- the best! Just insane!"

MARCELLO DEL GIUDICE (No. 99 MotoLiberty Honda 125) --
"The MotoLiberty bike was running pretty good. We worked our butts off to try to get it running well, but Iizuka has got his stuff dialed-in. His bike pulls out of the corners real well. If we had a few more days we might catch him... (On close racing.) That's what the 125 class is all about. The 125 class is great to be involved in. It's great racing and it doesn't take a lot of money to get involved in it. As everyone gets more experience and more support it'll be even better."

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