Championship Cup Series

Championship Cup Series
1995 National Champions

12th Annual Race of Champions
Daytona International Speedway
October 1995

Source: 1995 Final Race of Champions Results

Barry S. Henson
Amateur Solo GTO

Brad Simmerson
Amateur HW Supertwins

Brady Welton
Amateur LW GP

Brandon Welton
Unlimited GP

Brian Gibbs
Expert Solo GTO

Douglas A. Gross
Expert HW Supertwins

Greg E. Doney
Expert LW Supertwins
& LW Superbike

Greg Esser
Expert LW GP

Jamie A. Hacking
Amateur MW Superbike
MW Supersport &
Solo GTU

Jason Farrell
Amateur MW Supersport

John Weiss
Expert MW Supersport

Jon Wilson
Amateur Sportsman

Kevin Rentzell
Expert MW Superbike
& Unlimited Supersport

Matt Wait
Expert U.S. Twinsports

Matthew A. Richardson
Amateur LW Superbike
& LW Supertwins

Michael C. Sidwell
Amateur HW Superbike

Michael R. Kirschbaum
Amateur HW Supersport

Nancy Delgado
Expert 125 GP

Patrick D. Ryder
Expert Sportsman

Quenni King
Expert Solo GTU

Richie L. Morris
Expert LW Supersport

Shane Turpin
Expert HW Superbike
& HW Supersport

Shawn Blackburn
Amateur U.S. Twinsports

Troy Walker
Amateur 125 GP

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