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2019 Archived News & Announcements


Posted Nov. 20, 2019

Winter Hours are now in effect
9am to 3pm Mon-Thurs.

Thanksgiving Break
Closed Wed the Nov. 27th at noon Central time, reopen Dec 2nd at 9am

Christmas Break
Closed 3pm Dec 23rd to 9am Jan 6th
for the regular office

We will check email occasionally during this time. Fax will still be operable on a 24 hour basis.

After our last event of the year in Homestead Dec. 7th & 8th, updates to the websites (CCS and ASRA) for 2020 will begin.

Congratulations to our New Expert Riders!
Note: The list refers to previous 2019 Amateurs who will be 2020 Experts.


All 2019 Forms Expire on Dec. 31, 2019. For the new year, use only 2020 forms.

Suggestion: Bring your Transponders inside for the winter. To deter rust or other corrosion, electronic devices should be stored in a dry, dust-free location and should not be exposed to the elements. If you own a rechargeable unit, remember to store the base indoors as well. Also, now is the optimal time to send transponders to Westhold for repair if needed.


We are now accepting License Applications for our 2020 CCS and ASRA events. (Please visit our FORMS page to download the License Applications)

For those wanting to renew and keep their same number, the deadline is January 6, 2020 at 5pm Central Time.

For those that would like to change numbers, we will hold your existing number for you if received prior to January 6th. Then, after processing all the renewals keeping existing numbers, we will process the number change requests in order of receipt.

If you are applying for the first time, after a lapse in licensing or after the January 6th deadline, your competition number will be assigned in order of receipt.

New number assignments should be available after Jan 10 to ensure snail mail gets processed from Jan 6th. Printing and mailing of your new License cards should be completed in early February.

We hope to have the 2020 Schedule of Events finalized in January, but all dates are always subject to change. We will make a separate announcement when Online Pre-Entry through our Racer Portal is open for 2020 events. In the meantime, you may download and print standard 2020 Pre-entry Forms from our Forms page (for mailing, fax or email).

As a reminder, access to enter 2020 events (by either method) is only available to those that have signed up for a 2020 License by mailing it in with an original signature.

If you need to get portal access set up, please email with your preferred username. For ASRA Team Challenge teams please email us and we can activate your 2020 access. (It is not automatic like it is for sprint races.)


2019 CCS National Champions

View the CCS Final Results Here

Alex Nieves Jr.
August Nord
Brian Grasso
Cameron Jones
Chris Sullivan
Chris Terranova
David Loikits
Dominic Doyle
Drew Daly
Edward Kaye
Gabriel Zolczer
Greg Melka
Jamie Astudillo
Jason Beauchamp
Jason Farrell
Jessica Capizzi
John Linder
Joseph Karlin
Mark Evry
Mark Sepulveda Jr.
Max Angles
Nick Moser
Rafal Kadaj
Ray Hofman
Robert Bettencourt
Robert Fisher
Roger Morissette
Romulo Ruiz
Sergio Di Molfetta
Simone Corsi
Stefano Mesa
Tristan King
William Mitchell
William Moore Jr.

2019 ASRA Sprints National Champions

View the ASRA Sprints Final Points Here

David Loikits
Jason Beauchamp
Mark Evry
Ronald Shoffner III
Ryan Jones
Steven Rabinowitz
Tom Kuzmicki
Thomas McMaster

2019 ASRA Team Challenge National Champions

View the ASRA Team Challenge Final Points Here

Overall: Jinba Ittai Motorsport (Joel Lenk, Captain)
GTO: Jinba Ittai Motorsport (Joel Lenk, Captain)
GTU: National Granite (Gene Buonomo, Captain)
GTL: Racing 101 (Doug Stufflebeam, Captain)

Our Address Has Changed

Effective Immediately, please use the new addresses on our Contact page. Phone/Fax numbers & Email Addresses remain the same.

Unfortunately the actions of a few are affecting the many.

June 3, 2019

Over Memorial Day weekend several rider's failed to control the use of bicycles, pit bikes, atvs and golf carts by racers, crew and family. After multiple warnings by track security, MARRC officials and CCS staff, the reckless behavior of both unaccompanied minors and adults has forced Summit Point Raceway to add additional security to patrol the paddock and wooded areas during our events.

This will effectively increase the cost of each weekend by approximately $2000 which regrettably will be passed on to the rider at a $10 per event surcharge. Also included in that fee is the increased cost of disposal of old tires, fuel cans and broken awnings that have been left on the property by our participants. (Remember you can return unwanted tires or fuel cans to their respective representative for free disposal.)

This pit vehicle situation can go two ways, one good and one bad. We are 100% in control of the outcome.

IF, and only if, we can prove that we can police ourselves over the rest of the 2019 season, SPR will remove the extra security allowing ASRA/CCS to remove the surcharge. (This is what we hope for!)

The bad ending is the complete ban of bicycle, pit bike, atv and golf cart use at our events. This can happen between the June and August events or at any time SPR Security feels they have lost control of the situation.

Please help us return to the days where we took personal responsibility for the safe operation of pit vehicles by us and our crew.

Kevin Elliott
American Sportbike Racing Association LLC
D/B/A Championship Cup Series

CCS/ASRA Introduces the Pirelli Trackday Challenge

May 1, 2019


We are pleased to announce the new Pirelli Trackday Challenge as an additional feature during CCS/ASRA weekends that offer a Saturday Practice Day.

Not only will this benefit the participants, giving them the proper instruction and mentoring provided by our excellent staff, it will also introduce them to motorcycle racing with us, should they desire.

Please review the Pirelli Trackday Challenge Overview for more information. Each track day participant will need to complete & sign a 2019 Track Day License Application (free) before participating. The cost for the Track Day is $155 plus a gate fee of $25.

The Tentative Trackday Schedule:
  • May 4 – Autobahn
  • May 18 – Blackhawk
  • May 25 – Summit Point
  • June 22 – Blackhawk
  • July 20 – Blackhawk
  • August 17 – Blackhawk
  • September 28 – Homestead
  • December 7 – Homestead


After consultation with Homestead Miami Speedway officials, the Championship Cup Series has decided to cancel the April 27-28 event at Homestead Miami Speedway.

ASRA/CCS President Kevin Elliott said "With the interest level in this event lower than expected, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to cancel this event."

Elliott went on to say "All pre-entered riders have been contacted and arrangements made to accommodate them in the best manner possible. We appreciate all the support we have gotten from those consulted on this decision and look forward to returning to Homestead in September and December."

We are working to reschedule the ASRA sprints that had been scheduled for this weekend, the Florida CCS regional event will not be rescheduled.

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