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2018 Archived News & Announcements

Online Entry is Open for 2019 events

For those wanting to renew and keep their same number the deadline is January 7, 2019. For those that would like to change numbers, we will hold your existing number for you if received prior to January 7th. Then, after processing all the renewals keeping existing numbers, we will process the number change requests in order of receipt.

If you are applying for the first time, after a lapse in licensing or after the January 7th deadline, your competition number will be assigned in order of receipt.

2019 Schedule of Tentative dates is now online and entry for those events is now open for those who have sent in their 2019 license application. Events marked "TBA" will open for registration when the date is finalized. We will have the schedule finalized in January for the 2019 season. While the dates listed are firm at this time, we may move dates as we finalize the schedule with the TBA dates/venues to make the best schedule possible for our racers.

All confirmed dates for Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, Atlantic, Southeast, and Florida events are open at this time in the Racer Portal with the exception of the Daytona 200 (may have portal entry, not sure at this time) and Race of Champions which will open for entry in August of 2019. Events at New Hampshire will open after the first of the year. As other events are confirmed we will add them to the portal for entry.

As a reminder, access to enter 2019 events is only available to those that have signed up for a 2019 License by mailing it in with an original signature.

If you are wishing to get portal access set up please email with your preferred username. For ASRA Team Challenge teams please email us and we can activate 2019 access. (It is not automatic like it is for license renewal for sprint races.)

Competition numbers for 2019 will not be final until mid-January, and the Portal will update as we work through number change requests etc. Printing & mailing new License cards should be completed by the end of January.


2018 CCS National Champions

View the Race of Champions Final Results Here

Antonio Rodriguez
Benjamin Matheson
C.J. Czaia
Chris Onwiler
Christian Miranda
Derek Sutton
Ehud Shuker
Geoff May
Greg Melka
Jason Edmonds
Jody Barry
John Linder
Keith Woods
Lloyd Bayley
Mark Dickerson
Mark Evry
Nick McFadden
Peter Strack
Ray Hofman
Ryan Jones
Seth Starnes
Stefano Mesa
Stewart Aitken-Cade
Teagg Hobs
Tyler Wasserbauer
Zachary Parker

2018 ASRA Sprints National Champions

View the ASRA Sprints Final Points Here

Antonio Rodriguez
Bayley Cox
Dorsey DJ Birch
Lloyd Bayley
Paul Blake
Ray Hofman
Stewart Aitken-Cade

2018 ASRA Team Challenge National Champions

View the ASRA Team Challenge Final Points Here

Overall: LB Sports (Lloyd Bayley, Captain)
GTO: LB Sports (Lloyd Bayley, Captain)
GTU: National Granite (Gene Buonomo, Captain)
GTL: Team Coming in Hot (Ray Hofman, Captain)

VIR Cancelled Due To Hurricane Florence

Due to the continued uncertainty of Hurricane Florence, the American Sportbike Racing Association and Championship Cup Series event at Virginia International Raceway for September 15-16 has been cancelled.

After consultation with VIR officials, all parties involved felt that the situation could potentially place staff, racers and crew members in a position that would not allow us to provide the safety that you’ve come to expect from VIR, ASRA and CCS.

Regrettably there are not available dates at VIR that would allow us to reschedule this final event so the current 2018 Mid-Atlantic Championship standing will be considered final.

Thanks to everyone at VIR and the members of ASRA/CCS for your continued support.

New Jersey MP New Paddock Parking Policy

Due to multiple recent incidents in the paddock areas on New Jersey Motorsport Park's Thunderbolt and Lightning courses to where emergency vehicles could not access roadways or line of sight has been obstructed at intersections having the potential to cause personal injury or accidents, the following paddock parking policy will be strictly enforced.

"To facilitate emergency vehicle access, race and personal vehicles must not be parked on any paddock road/safety access lanes during an event. Any vehicle not in compliance may be towed at the owner's expense. Anyone paddocking on the asphalt/roadway areas of the paddock will be ask to move immediately if they are found to be set up on the asphalt areas, even if they are completely set up, they will be asked to relocate. Security staff as well as all NJMP executive staff will be monitoring the paddock areas and in order to avoid any confrontational circumstances."

ASRA/CCS Cancels July Event at Homestead Miami Speedway

Fort Worth TX – After consultation with Homestead Miami Speedway officials the Championship Cup Series has decided to cancel the July 7-8 event at Homestead.

ASRA/CCS President Kevin Elliott said "With the 4th of July Holiday and high temperatures looming in the forecast, the interest level in this event was lower than expected so in the best interest of all parties involved, the decision was made to cancel this event."

Elliott went on to say "All pre-entered riders have been contacted and arrangements made to accommodate them in the best manner possible. We appreciate all the support we have gotten from those consulted on this decision and look forward to returning to Homestead in December and 2019."

The remaining dates for the 2018 Florida Championship Schedule are:
Florida Roadracing Championship
Aug 25 - Roebling Road **
Aug 26 - Roebling Road **
Oct 20-21 - Daytona Intl Speedway
Dec 1-2 - Homestead # *


Using the Racer Portal will extend the deadline for pre-entries by 2 days!

Pre-entry closes at 5 pm on Friday 2 weeks prior to each event for mail and fax entries. Use our Racer Portal and you'll have until 11pm (Central Time) on Sunday to Complete and Pay for your entries.


March 27, 2018

All CCS Twin Sprint events will grid Sunday's races by the Saturday finishing results provided you're entered in both days prior to Saturday's race. This is a throwback style to the days of heat races for gridding Sunday races that we hope ya'll will enjoy.

If you're not entered for both days on Saturday, you will be placed on the grid in order of entry behind those riders who competed on Saturday.


February 11, 2018

The Racewurx© Online Entry System for ASRA and CCS races has been finalized and will be opening in stages over the week for Florida, Atlantic, Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic/Southeast and Team Challenge. Due to the special forms for the Daytona 200, those entries must continue to be submitted by mail, fax or email.

Online Pre-Entry Racer Portal
Pre-Enter Online using Racer Portal

We are updating the website with links to the Racer Portal as quickly as possible. It will appear on the top menus under the "Forms | FAQs" heading. To make it more prominent, look for the above button on pages you visit.


Per a request by Virginia International Raceway, our July 14-15, the July 14-15 event at V.I.R. has been rescheduled to September 15-16.

Please make a note of this new date. Everything scheduled for July will happen in Sept. The Pre-Entry Deadline will be Aug. 31st.


January 9, 2018

An agreement has been reached to merge the CCS Florida Region with ASRA/CCS beginning with the 2018 racing season. Henry DeGouw, owner of HD Promotions/CCS Florida Region, has promoted and organized events for 42 consecutive years, the last 30 years sanctioned by CCS. Kevin Elliott and the ASRA/CCS staff in Fort Worth will now assume all responsibilities for running the CCS Florida Region.

2018 Florida Roadracing Championship
Feb 10-11 Homestead # *
Mar 16-18 Daytona Int'l
June 2 Homestead * *
June 3 Homestead * *
July 7 Homestead * *
July 8 Homestead * *
Aug 25 Roebling Road * *
Aug 26 Roebling Road * *
Oct 20-21 Daytona Intl Speedway
Dec 1-2 Homestead # *
  * = Double Points
  * * = Twin Sprint
  # - Saturday Practice Releases Redesigned Website

December 31, 2017

We are pleased to present our new & improved website! Try it on your cellphones & tablets and let us know what you think. See what's new by clicking through each section in our new "drop-down" top menu. If you can't find something, just ask. Pages for 2017 and earlier remain in their original format. Look for older Schedules, Results, Points and Photos in our Archives section. Happy New Year from CCS Racing!


We are pleased to announce that over 80 of our CCS Amateur racers have achieved Expert Status for the 2018 season!

Click Here to download the Amateur-to-Expert Advancement List to see which riders have made the cut.

Congratulations to all!

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