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2006 Archived News & Announcements

12.14.06 > 2007 SPRING MAILER

Suggested reading for all riders is our newest mailer (Vol. 24, Issue 2) arriving in your mailboxes shortly and available for download from our Forms & Downloads page.

Major highlights include:

Note that changes to the Great Plains and SouthWest Regions were not received in time to be included in this mailer.

11.17.06 > 2007 Licenses & Number Assignments Information

If you are interested in changing your competition number for 2007, send in your 2007 License Application with your new number requests and return it to the Fort Worth office as soon as possible. Then on January 2nd, we will start assigning new numbers (those riders who did not renew by the 2007 deadline will have their numbers up for grabs) based on the order that the new number request was received at the Fort Worth office. If the new number you requested is available, your number will be changed and, with a little luck, youÂ’ll be sporting the number of your dreams.

Naturally, if you like your 2006 number, all you have to do is renew before the January 1st deadline and you will get to keep it for another season. So either way, send your license renewal in today, and sport the number you want for 2007!

Also if you are looking at retiring at the end of 06 season, we are looking for officials in many areas of expertise and venues. If you would like to remain part of the racing scene then send your information to


Region Awards Banquets are coming soon so make your plans to join us to celebrate your great 2006 season! Click Here to learn when and where your region party will take place.


New 2006 National Champions were crowned at the Awards Presentation Ceremony on October 22, 2006.


Championship Cup Series
  • Lloyd Bayley
  • Michael Beck
  • Dennis DeBuhr
  • Jason Edmonds
  • Morten Frederiksen
  • Hilton Geartner
  • Curt Henderson
  • Jeffery Johnson
  • Nate Kern
  • David Loikits
  • Santiago Lopez
  • Tomas Lopez

  • Geoff May
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Douglas Polen
  • Garrett Rick
  • Chris Sammons
  • Clayton Schutz
  • Marshall Skloss
  • Raymond Thibedeau
  • Steve Wenner
  • Robert Wilkey
  • Brian Woods

  • Team & Solo Challenge
  • Moons Cycle II
  • Fast Lane Cycles
  • Mighty Lumina Racing
  • Robert Lombardi

  • American SportBike RoadRace Series
  • Dan Bilansky
  • Jeff Wood

  • 9.25.06 > Attention Racers using Vortex!

    Award winners can now check their latest winnings at the Contingency Awards page on

    "I would like to pass on many thanks and compliments about the programs this year. Everything is really running smoothly due to the paperless awards." said Lee Tudor Account Representative Vortex Racing.

    Championship Cup Series and ASRA Pro are happy to thank all the contingency sponsors that make our racing program great.

    9.12.06 > 125 Grand Prix CCS National Championships

    ROC Reminders: Although the 125GP class is combined during the rest of the season, trophy-wise it will be split at the Daytona Race of Champions. As in the past, Amateurs and Experts will each receive trophies and CCS National Championships.

    8.27.06 > Amateur Rider Robert Wilkey Clinches Shenandoah Track Record

    CCS Amateur Rider #119 Robert Wilkey is the new track lap record holder at Summit Point Shenandoah in West Virginia as of Sunday, 8/27/2006.

    Wilkey donned race slicks for the first time in the Unlimited GP and 750 Superbike classes and subsequently bested the previous record several times, previously set at 1'30.667" by Ryan Patterson, finally ending the day at 1'29.599". Wilkey set his fastest lap time in the 750 Superbike class where he started near the back of the second wave and caught front-runner Bryan Bemisderfer in less than 4 laps passing him in the chicane on the front straight to take the overall lead for the final two laps.

    CCS Race announcer Griff Allen told the crowd that "not since the mid-80's have they seen an Amateur rider tackle the Experts like Wilkey has been the last few race weekends."

    Wilkey went 9 for 10 on the weekend, outdistancing most of the Amateur field in all but the final race where mechanical problems forced him back to a 2nd Place finish. All-in-all another outstanding weekend for the very talented young rider.

    7.26.06 > Ducati Contingency Reminder

    Attention Ducati racers!!!

    Ducati pays at each CCS weekend but there is certain paperwork that must be received by Ducati in order to receive contingency:

    1. You must have your Ducati VIN on file with the Ducati racing department.
          Ducati will pay the registered bike owner (rider and owner can work it out from there).

    2. You must fill out a Ducati claim form for each race you enter that pays Ducati contingency.
          For example if you race both Thunderbike and SuperTwins on a given weekend then you must fill out a separate claim form for Thunderbike and SuperTwins. Be sure to fill this out completely and sign the form.
          This form can be sent directly to Ducati or turned in at Tech and CCS will send it along with the complete contingency report for that race weekend.

    3. You must fill out a W-9 and turn it into the Ducati race department.

    If you are waiting for Ducati contingency from any race it would be a good idea to make sure all three steps have been completed.

    7.24.06 > Track Record Falls at Shenandoah

    Three Mid-Atlantic Series stars took turns swapping the Shenandoah Circuit track record back and forth throughout the day on Sunday July 23. Between Ryan Patterson (who held the record going into the weekend), Bryan Bemisderfer and Nate Kern, the record fell every time one of them ran a race during the event.
    - Press Release

    7.06.06 > Suzuki Contingency Reminder

    Attention Suzuki Riders!

    Please remember that to get Suzuki contingency awards, you must first register with Suzuki online. (Some of you have forgotten to register.)

    Registering with Suzuki is easy, simply go to and follow the prompts.

    Once you've registered with American Suzuki, don't forget to submit a contingency claim form at tech for each event so you can collect all the awards you are eligible for from our great contingency sponsors. (Many contingency awards also require the company be listed as your sponsor in the results, so please make certain you submit a correct Sponsor Listing Form by 9:00am the day of the event and check your results to verify they're correct.)

    7.05.06 > Moon's Super Cycle II Dominates Team Challenge at Summit

    From the drop of the green flag it was all Moon's Super Cycle II for the next 78 laps as Calvin Martinez and crew displayed a mastery of Summit Point Raceway not seen before. This Mid-West based team wasn't supposed to dominate the race the way they did, as local favorites Fast Lane Cycle (Rick Beggs & Kevin Tate) had the most experienced team with hundreds if not thousands of laps around Summit Point, but were unable to translate the seat time into a win. The only machine to give serious chase to Moon's II was Speedwerks Racing (Geoff Doyer & Charlie Coleman) the eventual winner of the GTU class.
    .. Read the Press Release

    5.18.06 > CCS and ASRA Still Accept Charge Cards At Races

    The Championship Cup Series and American Sportbike Racing Association would like to quash the ridiculous rumor that has been spread about only being able to use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards to pre-enter. That is wrong. All four major credit cards and debit cards are still accepted at the racetrack for licensing and post-entry.

    Thanks again for all your support and we will see you at the races!

    5.01.2006 > UNCLAIMED PURSES

    Purse winnings are not mailed automatically. Please make every effort to pick them up at the track. If unable to pick up at the track, it is your responsibility to contact the CCS office (by phone, fax or email) and request mailing. If still unclaimed 90 days from the event date, they will be forfeited (voided) and not reissued.


    Overall points system used for CCS regional has been officially changed from what was printed in the 2006 Rules and Regulations. The new system passed by the 2006 Rules Committee is as follows:

    Overall points earned in all SuperSport, SuperBike, Grand Prix and GT classes will now be multiplied by the riders performance index and then divided by 1000 (to put the points back into the same format as the riders are used to). The rider with the highest adjusted point total under this new format will be declared the "Overall Regional Champion" in the Expert or Amateur category. Expert Top Ten Numbers will be assigned to those riders who rank in the ten highest positions by adjusted points.

    2.6.06 > Lockhart Phillips USA names Jonny Moore 2005 Team Privateer Of The Year

    In addition to being named Privateer of the Year by Lockhart Phillips, Moore won the CCS Championship for the Mid-West and Great Plains region and raced an impressive 147 races in 2005. Lockhart Phillips awarded the rider with $2,000 in credit toward race equipment as well as an upgrade in status making his money go further.


    Under an agreement with Clear Channel Entertainment Motorsports, the newly formed American SportBike Racing Association will assume the day-to-day operations of the Championship Cup Series. .. Read the Press Release

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