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Welcome to the Championship Cup Series -

Founded in 1984, the Championship Cup Series is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. During our long history, we have become America's Leader in Sportsman Level motorcycle road racing offering unrivalled competition at nationwide venues.   . . Read More

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Roebling Road Raceway To Be Repaved

We have received information from Roebling Road Raceway that the track is scheduled to be repaved in May 2022. In addition, track personnel has provided new information about fuels available at the track.    Read the newsletter here

Our Website Has Been Updated

Our Tentative Schedule for 2022 has been posted! If you do not see "2022" on pages you visit, please "Refresh" your browser.

Should you need to access 2021 pages quickly, see the below links. You can also find them on our Archives page.

The Racer Portal is open now for entries for all events other than the Race of Champions. If any classes are missing (or classes that aren't running) at any event, please contact Eric Kelcher by email at

NEMRR and CCS start a new business relationship

December 22, 2021 - Roadracing World Magazine

"Starting in 2022, NEMRR (formerly LRRS) will operate as an independent racing organization and will no longer be a direct affiliate of CCS. For a minimum of the next two seasons NEMRR and CCS will instead extend reciprocity to riders holding either race license." Read the entire article

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Thank You For Racing With CCS/ASRA!

We are doing everything possible to make it worth your while to race with us! Thank you for the confidence you have shown in us and your willingness to help us adapt as situations change.

Because each race track, and each state where it is located, have different COVID-19 protocols, we will post on each Track Venue Page anything pertinent for each event as it approaches. Please be sure you check them out before you travel.

Apply For Your 2022 Licenses Now

We are now accepting License Applications for our 2022 CCS and ASRA events. (Please visit our FORMS page to download the License Applications)

For those wanting to renew and keep their same number, the deadline is January 5, 2022 at 5pm Central Time.

For those that would like to change numbers, we will hold your existing number for you if received prior to January 5th. Then, after processing all the renewals keeping existing numbers, we will process the number change requests in order of receipt.

If you are applying for the first time, after a lapse in licensing or after the January 5th deadline, your competition number will be assigned in order of receipt.

New number assignments should be available after Jan 10th to ensure snail mail gets processed from Jan 5th. Printing and mailing of your new License cards should be completed in early February.

We hope to have the 2022 Schedule of Events finalized in January, but all dates are always subject to change. Online Pre-Entry through our Racer Portal is open now for all 2022 events except the Race of Champions. You may also download and print standard 2022 Pre-entry Forms from our Forms page (for mailing, fax or email).

As a reminder, access to enter 2022 events (by either method) is only available to those that have signed up for a 2022 License by mailing it in with an original signature.

If you need to get portal access set up, please email with your preferred username. For ASRA Team Challenge teams please email us and we can activate your 2022 access. (It is not automatic like it is for sprint races.)

New National Champions Crowned at Daytona

The exciting racing at the 38th Race of Champions resulted in
30 New National Champions

Congratulations to all!

2021 Championship Cup Series
National Champions
  • Aaron Tennyson
  • Carl Soltisz
  • Chris White
  • Christopher Blake
  • Christopher Dooley
  • Chyler Weatherford
  • David Loikits
  • Derek Newcomer
  • Ed Sullivan
  • Elisa Gendron Belen
  • Grant Lancaster
  • Gus Rodio
  • James Hartanovich
  • Jeff Schumacher
  • Jerry Healy Jr.
  • Jose Luna
  • Kyle McGill
  • Larry Davis
  • Malcolm Ashley
  • Mark Evry
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Max Angles
  • Pat Bracelin
  • Ray Hofman
  • Roger Morissette
  • Ryan Maye
  • Sean Morris
  • Stefano Mesa
  • Tristan King
  • Yandel Medina
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