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Roebling Road Raceway

Roebling Road Raceway

Rt 2 Box 538
1135 Roebling Rd
Bloomingdale, GA 31302
Phone: 1-888-398-7223
  or 912-748-4205
Fax: 912-748-8038

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CCS & ASRA Events at Roebling Road

All online event schedules are tentative, and subject to change. Use for planning purposes only.
Official Event Schedule should be obtained at the event.

August 25-26, 2018

Friday Practice Day by Podium Motorsports
ASRA Sprint Races
CCS TWIN Sprint Races
Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline: August 10
5 pm Central


  • Pre-Entries: Use the CCS/ASRA Pre-Entry forms

  • Racer Portal - Online Pre-Entry
    Pre-Enter Online using Racer Portal

       (Cash Only)
    No Credit/Debit cards accepted
       Friday:  $35 ea (thru 7am Sat)
       Saturday:  $25 ea (thru 7am Sun)
       Sunday:  $15 ea
    Prices are for full-weekend passes per person depending upon day of arrival. Subject to change without notice

  • Safety Crew/Corner Worker Sign-Up

    (Quoted from the Roebling FAQ page 4/6/2018)
      Motorhome/Trailer with 30 or 50-amp power: $25/night
      110v: $10 per day, per cord & MUST HAVE STICKER
      Tent Camping: $10 per day
      Tirewarmers (motorcycles) $10 per day, per cord


  • Track Map

  • Track Rules PDF (last updated 3/7/2012)

  • Pit Vehicles:
    (Quoted from the Roebling FAQ page 4/6/2018)
    "Roebling Road does allow ATVs, Golf Carts and Pit bikes, provided they are operated during daylight hours by a driver with a state-issued drivers license and in a safe manner. However, no one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate any of those, bicycles or any other vehicle/machine."


Camping in Paddock: Yes
Paddock Electricity: Yes (15 & 30 amp)
Pets Allowed: Yes (leashed)
FM Broadcast: No
Showers: Yes
Food Vendor: Yes
Paved Access Roads
Rider Registration: Entrance Bldg.
Scoring on Rider's Left

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