Championship Cup Series

CCS/ASRA Timing & Scoring

The Championship Cup Series and the ASRA Sprint Series use an electronic scoring system developed by the Westhold Corporation. AMB & other scoring devices made by other manufacturers are not compatible with our scoring system.

All racers are required to use a Westhold Personal Transponder for CCS and ASRA Sprint races, Except New Hampshire Motor Speedway for which you'll need an AMB transponder (available at the track).

New: Effective March 15, 2021 ASRA Team Challenge participants are required to use Westhold G3 Transponders for all practice sessions and races.

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Manufacturer Warranty Information

Hardwire and Rechargeable Transponders have a Limited One Year Manufacturer's Warranty from date of purchase for defects in workmanship. After the 1 year warranty has expired, any repairs to the unit is the responsibility of the owner (not CCS/ASRA).

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Contact Westhold Corporation directly if your unit needs repair. Please enclose a completed Westhold Repair Request Form when shipping a transponder for repair.

Units (rented or purchased) with damaged or broken cases cannot be returned or exchanged. The "You break it, you buy it" rule applies. The case cannot have dents, cracks, burns, or breaks and cannot show signs of being opened or split apart.

Handling & Charging Tips

As with any piece of electronic equipment, a transponder exposed to dirt or moisture can be damaged. Store your transponders indoors in a clean, low-humidity location if possible.

For the best charging results on rechargeable units, place the charger on a firm, flat surface before inserting the unit to insure a proper connection between the unit and the charger's contacts.

Once charged the front lights will blink: the number of blinks = number of days.

Remember Your Transponder Numbers

Your personal transponder number must be written on each and every Entry Form. Our CCS/ASRA clerks will ask you for it during Registration and cannot process your paperwork without it. Tips for remembering your number include ..

  • Memorize it
  • Record it in your mobile device
  • Write it on the back of your CCS/ASRA license card

Whichever method you use, this simple step will speed up the Registration process. Thank you!

Westhold G3
Personal Rechargeable Transponders

Westhold G3 Transponder

These units must be charged ahead of time, and the charge lasts for up to 7 days. The charge station's cord can be plugged into a standard wall outlet or USB port.

  • Maximum time to charge: 12-24 hours
  • Charge Duration (full charge): 7 Days (7 blinks = 7 days)
  • Easy to switch between bikes (with separate holders)
  • Mounting holder (included with purchase)
  • G3 Transponder User Manual (PDF)

Buy Now

Note: It is your responsibility to charge your unit ahead of time. Please do not ask our staff members to charge it for you.

Westhold Activated Transponders

Westhold Standard Sprint Transponder

The Activated (Standard/Sprint) transponders must be "activated" before they will function.

They have a permanent internal battery which "wakes up" when passing by the Activation Station, usually positioned in Tech and/or at Pit Out. An LED light will glow on the unit (front or top) when active.

CCS/ASRA has discontinued selling Activated Transponders. Effective immediately, once all new units have been sold, these will be available for Rent Only (see below).

Westhold Hardwire Transponder

Westhold Hardwire Unit
  • Never needs charging.
  • Stays active whenever your motorcycle's engine is on.
  • Can be used for multiple bikes/riders with special wiring (ie toggles; plug-ins)
  • Hardwire Transponder User Manual (PDF)


Renting A Transponder (Activated Standard/Sprint units only)

A limited number of transponders are available for rent in Rider Registration at the track. The fee is $30 per transponder ($80 collected up front less $50 refund upon return). Take your rented transponders to registration within one hour after the last checkered flag to receive the refund. Otherwise, you will own it.

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