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CCS / ASRA Sponsors & Contingencies

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank you to the following companies whose sponsorship of our CCS & ASRA Series provides our riders over $10 Million in contingencies!

These companies provide racer support in a variety of ways - trackside services, contingency money, discounted products and more. Use their products and services, display their stickers on your bikes and reap the benefits!

This page will be updated for 2019 when information is received from each company.

See Below for more information & forms.


Pirelli     Michelin

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Forms & Information


Available in Rider Registration at each event:
  - Sponsor Listing Form: One needed per Season. Only submit a new one if something changes. Best if handed in with your race paperwork. Must be received in Scoring prior to 9:00am

  - Contingency Claim Form: One needed per bike each weekend. Fill in completely, sign each form & take with your equipment to Tech.

Available in Tech at each event:
  - CCS & ASRA Decals/Stickers:
  Attach on both sides of each machine you are racing. (Buy Official Decals Online in our CCS Shop)

  - Sponsor Decals/Stickers:
  Required by most contingency sponsors; again, on both sides of bike.

  - AMA Decals/Stickers:
  Required for all ASRA Sprint & Team Challenge races. Attach on both sides of each participating machine.

Contingency Downloads (PDF)

Use 2018 forms for Reference only until 2019 forms are posted

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