Championship Cup Series
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These schools have been approved by CCS because their programs include the proper technical aspects and rules & regulations involved in motorcycle roadracing competition.

If you complete their instruction and pass their tests, you can apply for a CCS Racing License. Attach a copy of your completion certificate to your new License Application form.

Schools are listed alphabetically by area with no preference implied. See Track Profiles for track locations. Since schedules and venues change often, visit the company websites for the most current information.

Last updated on May 24, 2017

Atlantic & Mid-Atlantic
SouthEast & Florida
Mid-West & Great Plains
SouthWest & California
  • Lone Star Track Days
    Tracks: (see schedule on website)
    Phone: 713-253-2966

  • Ridesmart Motorcycle Schools
    Tracks: (see schedule on website)
    Phone: 512-689-9875 (Dave Wonders)

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