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At CCS we've always been committed to Safety 100%. That's why we deploy Air Fence where needed, inspect the track carefully every day and .. have the best safety crews in the country on our team. We appreciate all they do for our riders and us. We couldn't run races without them!

All of our Safety Marshalls love motorcycle roadracing. Corner Working, Flagging, & Bike Shagging fun from Green Flag to Checker, it's non-stop action all day long - and they have the best seat in the house!

Join the CCS/ASRA Safety Crew

CCS/ASRA is now recruiting safety crew members for all of our events. If you have a passion for racing, or just want to have more fun by getting closer to the racing action than ever before, while promoting safety... then here's your chance!

The CCS Safety Crew network continues to grow as we add more racing events into expanding markets nationwide. Many benefits apply, including an official Safety Crew T-shirt. You can't get any closer to the racing action than this!

We begin gathering crew members at least 30 days in advance of each event. To cover all corner stations, we need an average of 20-30 people per weekend, depending upon the size of the race track. So, get in touch early to be included as part of our crew!

Listed below is contact information for the Safety Crew Coordinators at each track. We'll see you at the races!


When inquiring about working on our Safety Crew team, be sure and include the dates you want to work as well as which race track. Contact must be made at least 2 weeks ahead of time (more is better). Please contact our office if you have questions or problems connecting with the contacts below.

If you wish to work at Autobahn, Blackhawk, Daytona, New Jersey, or Road America or any other track not listed on this page, contact the CCS Office by Phone:   817-246-1127 or Email (

Susan James is our Safety Crew Coordinator for Carolina, Roebling and VIR. Contact her directly: Phone:   912-429-8034 | Email: or

For all Summit Point events, get in touch with the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Club - Phone:   301-331-3984 | Email:

For New Hampshire, the Safety Crew Coordinator is Alex Guilbeault - Phone:   603-513-5834 | Email:

For all Florida Region Races, (Homestead, Palm Beach etc.), the Safety Crew Coordinator is Egor Emory - Phone:   352-360-3003 | Email:

Heartland Park takes care of the Safety Crew at their events - Email the track office:

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