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Pre-Entering for 2021 Races

Please visit our Forms page if you have not applied for a 2021 Competition License.

If you have sent in your signed 2021 License Application and have a Username and Password, you may log in and begin.

First-time Portal users should continue reading.



If you have not already requested a user name, please email the office with your requested username. A confirmation email will be sent with your username and a temporary password.

Note: Team Challenge must have a unique username for the team, so please include it in your email request.

Once you have a User Name and Password, you are good to go! See Instructions Below.


  1. Log in to the Racer Portal

  2. PROFILE - Please select each of the bottom tabs before you proceed.

    • RACES - Shows all events you have pre-entered

    • MEDICAL - Please enter all medical information here

    • SPONSORS - Contact the office if any changes are needed

    • TRANSPONDER - Lists your transponder(s). Erase wrong ones but email the office to add.

    • BIKES - REQUIRED - Enter information about each of your bikes

    • TEAM (for Team Challenge only) - Select the team members. (If a racer is not available, please contact the office.)

    Some things must be changed at the office. Please email us for changes to anything you cannot alter (i.e. new transponders, additional personal sponsors not on the drop-down list)

  3. After you have finished with the Profile page (including all tabs), you may Pre-Enter for races. Select the "Register for an Event" button (opens the "Available Events" page)

  4. Select the track/date from the list (opens the "Race Entry" page)

  5. RACE ENTRY - Select items in the "Available Classes" section on the left (they will move over to the right in your shopping cart with a dollar amount).
    To remove a class, select it from the right "Classes Entered" section

    Many classes run twice during Twin Sprints events. Those classes are listed twice in the "Available Classes" list with a number 1 and 2 under the "Twin" column (#1 first day; #2 second day). To run the same class on both days, add each individually so they appear in your "Classes Entered" column.

  6. Recheck your selections before proceeding. Remember to ALLOW POP UPS on your web browser or hold the CTRL key down when you select the "Pay For Entry" button.

    For Apple Safari on iPhones, iPads etc.
    Settings > Safari > Block Pop ups - This must be turned OFF, which is a selected permission with notification.

    For MS Edge
    You will need to choose either allow once or added to trusted websites

  7. PAYMENT - Select the Pay For Entry button. Complete the transaction in PayPal with either a PayPal account or a guest account + a credit card.

    CAUTION: Corrections cannot be made after you click on "Pay For Entry"! We can fix any mistakes for you. Please contact the office.


You can Log in to the Portal at any time to check on the progress of your entries.

Each weekend event that you have entered will be listed at the bottom of your Profile page. The color of the lettering indicates its current status as follows:

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