March 19, 2014
For Immediate release
American Sportbike Racing Association
Championship Cup Series
Ft Worth TX

The American Sportbike Racing Association in conjunction with the Championship Cup Series would like to announce the new 500 SuperSport Championship for 2014.

Since its inception in 1984, the Championship Cup Series has been a leader in sportsman motorcycle road racing by recognizing the need for an affordable option to allow racers to compete and grow as their skill level improves. For years this meant starting on a 125cc GP two-stroke, then progressing to the 250cc machines, and so on up the displacement ladder for the sport. Over the last 20 years or so, the transition machines such as the 350cc to 500cc twins had all but disappeared from the sport bike market making it harder to move up through the ranks to the ultra-competitive 600cc motorcycles that dominate the road racing grids today. The realization that these transition classes were necessary to keep the sport growing and attractive to younger riders, in 2012 CCS added Ultralight ThunderBike to its lineup, aimed at the 250cc SportBikes being produced and sold as entry level street machines. Over the last two seasons Ultralight ThunderBike has grown in popularity, confirming the desire for another step up class before leaping into the 600cc classes.

This is where the idea came in for a new 500cc SuperSport class to bridge the gap between the 250cc-300cc bikes and the larger displacement categories. After researching and discussing the possibilities with young racers, their families and respected members of the American road racing community for more than a year, the 2014 ASRA/CCS Rules Committee agreed to bring the new class into existence with a limited schedule for the 2014 season. These events will be held in conjunction with existing ASRA/CCS events and will award championship points with the 500 SuperSport Champion being crowned at the 31st Annual Race of Champions in October.

The 500 SuperSport Championship is open to all manufacturers and will follow the current 2014 CCS SuperSport rules using the following displacement limits:

500 SUPERSPORT (Combined Amateur and Expert)
Single cylinder, up to 600cc
Twin cylinder, 2-stroke, up to 400cc
Twin cylinder, liquid cooled, non-desmodromic valves, up to 500cc
Twin cylinder, air cooled, up to 650cc
Four cylinder, liquid cooled, up to 400cc
Four cylinder, air cooled, 2 valve, up to 500cc
NOTE: Ducati/Bimota/BMW Supermono/Woods Rotax are excluded from this class.

2014 ASRA/CCS 500 SUPERSPORT Schedule

  • May 24-26 - Summit Point Raceway
  • June 14-15 - Virginia International Raceway
  • June 28-29 - Summit Point Raceway
  • July 5-6 - Road America
  • July 19-20 - NJMP Thunderbolt
  • Aug 23-24 - Summit Point Raceway
  • Sep 6-7 - NJMP Thunderbolt
  • Sep 20-21 - Virginia International Raceway
  • Sep 27-28 - Blackhawk Farms Raceway
  • Oct 16-19 - Daytona International Speedway

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