1998 Race of Champions Photos
Daytona International Speedway
October 1998

Championship Cup Series National Champions

Photos by: Jeanne Muse
Amateur GT1 Champion Bart Shiflett Expert GT1 Champion Shane Prieto Amateur GT2 Champion Charles L. Gainey, Jr. Expert GT2 Champion Greg Kahle
Amateur GT3 Champion Jason Clay Expert GT3 Champion Dominic Aubry & Crew Expert GT3 Champion Dominic Aubry & Crew Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix Champion Darrin Mitchell
Expert Lightweight Grand Prix Champion Colin A. Gilbert Amateur Middleweight Superbike Champion Charles L. Gainey, Jr. Expert Middleweight Superbike Champion Eric Wood Amateur SuperTwins Champion Craig Landry
Expert SuperTwins Champion Thomas Fournier Amateur Lightweight Sportsman Champion Charles Coyle Expert Lightweight Sportsman Champion Frank Stroman Unlimited Sport Bike Champion Michael Luke
Grand Prix Singles Champion Jerry Wood Expert Lightweight Sport Bike Champion R. Todd Keesee Steve Grigg Unlimited Grand Prix & Unlimited Superbike Champ Amateur Heavyweight Sportsman Champion Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson and Family Expert Heavyweight Sportsman Champion Christopher Boy Amateur Middleweight Grand Prix Champion Jep Palmour Expert Middleweight Grand Prix Champion Greg Kahle
Amateur Heavyweight Sport Bike Champion Bart Shiflett Expert Heavyweight Sport Bike Champion Jamie Bowman Amateur Lightweight Superbike Champion Jason Clay Expert Lightweight Superbike Champion Philip Digregario
Amateur Middleweight Super Bike Champion John-O Bowman Expert Middleweight Sport Bike Champion Greg Kahle Amateur Senior Sport Bike Champion Scott Corley Expert Senior Sport Bike Champion Jimmy Fassino
Amateur Heavyweight Superbike Champion Bart Shiflett Expert Heavyweight Superbike Champion Steve Grigg Exp HW Superbike Champ Steve Grigg and Traci from GMD Computrack

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