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  1. How much practice will I get before racing?

  2. I want to work for CCS!

  3. Where can I find Classified Ads?

  4. Are CCS logos available for my website?

  1. How much practice will I get before racing?
    Answer - Entered racers get "Warm Up" Practice each morning free of charge. There are typically several 15-20 minute sessions on each Racing day broken down into groups by status (Am/Ex) & basic bike size (LW, MW, HW and Unlimited).

    CCS-Run Practice Days occur only at selected race weekends and the cost is reasonable. The schedule for these days varies by event, so consult the weekend schedule.

    Our Affiliates have varied schedules for practice. For instance, CCS Florida holds a full Practice Day on Saturday with all of the racing on Sunday.

  2. I want to work for CCS!
    It really can't be called "work" if you love motorcycle racing the way we do. You'll get the "best seat in the house", and be "up close and personal" with all the racers and the rest of the CCS/ASRA Officials team.

    Safety Crew & Corner Workers are always needed and Race Official positions are available!

    It takes many people to run races ..

     - Registration Clerks
     - Manual Scorers
     - Computer Scoring Operators
     - Tech Inspectors
     - Grid Marshalls
     - Starters
     - Race Control
     - Safety Crew

    To get started, download, complete and mail in the CCS/ASRA Worker Application from our forms page. To obtain more information about what each job involves and how you can become a part of our team, get in touch with us today!

    If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and are interested in employment in our main office, please call to set up an interview.

  3. Where can I find bikes for sale and other Classified Ads?
    Answer - There is a classified section in the Unofficial CCS Forum. We have no plans to add a want ad section here on this website.

  4. Are CCS logos available for my website?
    Answer - Yes. See the Overview page.

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