Championship Cup Series

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Founded in 1984, the Championship Cup Series is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. During our long history, we have become the Leader in Sportsman Level motorcycle road racing offering unrivalled competition at nationwide venues. Our parent company is the American SportBike Racing Association LLC, owned and operated by Kevin Elliott.

CCS Racing offers a professional racing environment for beginning and seasoned riders alike - all centered around increasing the "fun factor" in a safety-conscious atmosphere.

With 50+ sanctioned events each year and over $10 million in sponsor contingencies, no one even comes close to offering the opportunities that CCS Racing provides.

For both Amateurs & Experts, we give you the chance to race nearly anything you own!

  • Four Major Displacement Breakdowns:
      Lightweight - Middleweight - Heavyweight - Unlimited
      (Ultra Light only in selected classes)
  • Three Major Classes:
      SuperSport - SuperBike - Grand Prix
  • Specialized Classes:
      ThunderBike - SuperTwins - Formula 40 - 125 GP
      GTO (600cc & over) - GTU (600cc & under) - GT Lights (Lightweight machines) - GT Ultralight
      Rookies Cup Challenge (for riders with one year or less racing experience)
      500 SuperSport (Click here to read more about this class)

Our ASRA Championship Series adds even more to the mix with competition on the Pro level. For endurance lovers, the GT classes and ASRA Team Challenge Series offer the best seat time anywhere.

Riders new to roadracing should review our New Riders page and learn about the class structures, requirements and steps necessary to begin. Be sure to visit our Forms Page to download the New Riders Packet, current Rulebook, license applications and entry forms.

Find additional information on our FAQ pages. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Check out our Schedule and come see what we're all about. You'll be glad you did!

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