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Founded in 1984, the Championship Cup Series is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. During our long history, we have become America's Leader in Sportsman Level motorcycle road racing offering unrivalled competition at nationwide venues.   . . Read More

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Unfortunately the actions of a few are affecting the many.

June 3, 2019

Over Memorial Day weekend several rider's failed to control the use of bicycles, pit bikes, atvs and golf carts by racers, crew and family. After multiple warnings by track security, MARRC officials and CCS staff, the reckless behavior of both unaccompanied minors and adults has forced Summit Point Raceway to add additional security to patrol the paddock and wooded areas during our events.

This will effectively increase the cost of each weekend by approximately $2000 which regrettably will be passed on to the rider at a $10 per event surcharge. Also included in that fee is the increased cost of disposal of old tires, fuel cans and broken awnings that have been left on the property by our participants. (Remember you can return unwanted tires or fuel cans to their respective representative for free disposal.)

This pit vehicle situation can go two ways, one good and one bad. We are 100% in control of the outcome.

IF, and only if, we can prove that we can police ourselves over the rest of the 2019 season, SPR will remove the extra security allowing ASRA/CCS to remove the surcharge. (This is what we hope for!)

The bad ending is the complete ban of bicycle, pit bike, atv and golf cart use at our events. This can happen between the June and August events or at any time SPR Security feels they have lost control of the situation.

Please help us return to the days where we took personal responsibility for the safe operation of pit vehicles by us and our crew.

Kevin Elliott
American Sportbike Racing Association LLC
D/B/A Championship Cup Series
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