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2016 Awards Ceremonies Scheduled

TrophyTwo Region Awards Ceremonies for 2016 have firm dates and a page has been created to record them.

  • NorthEast: November 12, 2016
  • Mid-West: January 28, 2017

The 2016 Region Awards Ceremonies page will be updated with further details for all regions as they are known.

Bridge & Pit Bike Rules at Summit Point

Summit Point

We have received information from Chris White, Motorsports Director of Summit Point Motorsports Park, regarding the repair of the paddock entry Bridge and the new Pit Bike rules.

The Paddock Entry Bridge has been repaired but has limited capacity: 10,000 lbs per axle. Vehicles exceeding that will need to take the grade level track crossing from Orchard Road between Turns 10 and 1 to pit lane (this is same the procedure we used last August).

The Pit bike rule is going to be relaxed but with 100% no tolerance for breaking.
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Newest Updates

June 22
- Corrected prices for Road America Hot Pit Credentials

June 17
- Contingency Awards & Requirements updated for Team Pro-Motion & EBC Brakes
- Summit Point photos posted

June 8
- USGPRU Final Round changed to V.I.R. Sept. 17-18 on Schedule
- Homestead Memorial Day Photos posted

May 26
- AMA Road Race GC Rule Book posted

May 18
- Posted Today:
   - CCS-to-CRA Class Conversion Chart for Brainerd & Road America
   - CRA Rider License Application form for Road America only

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