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Summit Point's Turn 8 Changes Underway

Summit Point Since there is still construction going on at Summit Point, BSR would like to inform riders that pit bikes and ATVs are not allowed out of the paddock. This is especially important now that more construction is going on in the State Dept side of the property. There is a lot of heavy equipment moving around and some of the riders like to go over there and play, which again isn't allowed!

BSR is also showing their commitment to improving rider safety by changes they are making to the facility for us. One area that is probably of biggest concern to CCS and other riders is Turn 8. BSR is working to level that area as much as possible and move the barriers farther back to allow a little more runoff room.

BSR is also removing the guardrail that was atop the turn 8 berm as well as moving the tub back to behind the fence. This, combined with leveling the berm and pushing it back, allows greater visibility before going into the turn and removes a potential immoveable barrier from the area.

New Forms & Information about the
AMA RoadRace Grand Championships @ New Jersey

New Jersey MP

As previously announced on June 11th in Roadracing World Magazine, the AMA RoadRace Grand Championships will be held in conjunction with our CCS races September 6th-7th at New Jersey Motorsports Park. More information is now available.

We have posted today the Pre-Entry form, the Tentative Event Schedule as well as the Complete AMA RRGC Rulebook. Links have been added to our New Jersey venue page as well. The Pre-Entry deadline for the event is August 22nd (5pm Central) for CCS Pre-Entries and August 26th for the AMA RRGC races.

    Established in 1997, the AMA presents AMA Horizon Awards annually to outstanding riders in motocross, dirt track and road racing. This award recognizes the A class rider who is poised for success in the pro ranks.
   Amateurs who wish to be considered for the 2014 AMA Road Race Horizon Award should download the Letter of Intent form send to AMA by Sept. 5th.


VIR has painted blend lines on the North Course pits to reflect a no drive zone to help identify the pit lanes and to hopefully avoid late dive in's and early dive out's.

Officials will monitor & enforce penalties for anyone crossing these green and yellow “no drive through” areas.

New VIR Pit In & Out Procedures
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August 1
- July Homestead Photos posted

July 31
- Tentative Event Schedule & Forms posted for New Jersey in September

July 29
- Photos posted for July events at Blackhawk & New Jersey
- Homestead laptimes link added to schedule

July 26
- Factory OEM Contingency Payout dates updated to reflect Florida schedule changes

July 21
- New Jersey laptimes link added to schedule

July 20
- Tentative Schedules posted for upcoming events: New Hampshire, Summit Point, Roebling Road, Blackhawk & VIR

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